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NCM Publishing

NCM Company

NCM company was established in the Republic of Turkey on 28.01.2005 as registered with Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It has been continuing its activities in its main fields of activity uninterruptedly since 2005.


NCM Publishing

Publisher certificate number issued by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism: 51898

Verification Code: f70b63cb-4c05-4132-bec8-804f1f8a5950


Our Mission as NCM Publishing; To present prestige by contributing to the career development of individuals & academics.

Our vision as NCM Publishing; To reach leadership in academic publishing in the field of social sciences with an innovative publishing understanding and respect for ethical values.



NCM Publishing is committed to publishing original scholarly materials of the highest quality that provide comprehensive insight into all aspects of business, management and organization, computer science and IT, education, environment and agriculture, government and law, library and information science, media and communications, medicine and healthcare, science and engineering, security and forensics, economics, and social sciences and humanities.


Publishing Ethics

In order to maintain the high quality provided by NCM publishing, the written rules and checklists are shared to be followed with book editors and authors. The referees for the NCM Publishing are an important component of the scientific process and therefore, they are instructed to make comprehensive, detailed evaluation in order to help increase the quality of the research they offer to the author.

NCM Publishing evaluates that ethical release practices are critical for the development of the knowledge of the information. Therefore, the NCM Publishing is the policy of protecting high ethical standards in all publications. These standards are related to all books, sections and articles accepted for the publication.



NCM Publishing, defines plagiarism as follows: Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one's own original work. NCM Publishing treats these allegations with high seriousness and immediately initiates a fair investigation into the claim.


Considering Becoming an Editor, Writing a Chapter or Article?

You can find the contact information below for your request to become an editor or to publish a book chapter at NCM Publishing and for all your other requests.

E-Mail: ceocongress.info@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +90 554 888 1471

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